Infidelity Testing


For marital infidelity, ARCpoint Labs of Lancaster offers accurate, reliable and confidential DNA testing. We will come on-site to collect samples / objects for testing or you may bring samples/objects to our lab.  Note that unless the specimens are collected directly from the donor, it is not normally accepted as evidence in court.  Some states require the services of a private investigator; please call us to determine what process we need to follow to assist you.

Our trained collectors ensure a valid and reliable testing process. Some samples we test include undergarments, bedding, trash and more.

ARCpoint Labs of Lancaster ensures professionalism and confidentiality in cases of suspected marital infidelity.

To inquire about infidelity testing, call your local ARCpoint Labs of Lancaster location now.

Filing for a “Fault Divorce”

In states that allow proof of infidelity as the cause of divorce, ARCpoint Labs of Lancaster provides infidelity DNA testing. Be sure your state qualifies for fault divorce.

Infidelity in a fault divorce situation could impact:

  • Alimony
  • Child support and custody
  • Distribution of assets and property

For infidelity DNA testing today, please contact your local ARCpoint Labs. of Lancaster.